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Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring is here. The weather is warming up, the grass is getting greener and spring showers are just around the corner. With heavy spring rain, it is important to inspect your sump pump to ensure it is operating properly. You can pour a few buckets of water into the sump pit. The pump should quickly turn on, discharge the water and shut off without any problems. Give us a call if you encounter any issues!!

The warmer weather is also a good time to make sure our yard drains, gutters and downspouts are cleaned out and free of debris. This will allow water to run away from your house rather than getting jammed up in your gutters and potentially leaking into your house.

Check your outdoor faucets and hoses as well to make sure water flows freely. If an outdoor faucet drips or if there is a leak inside your home the first time you turn the hose on, you may have had a frozen pip that cracked and needs to be replaced. At City Air Mechanical, our trained plumbing technicians can help you assess any issues and give you a fair estimate on any repairs!

Finally, check for slow leaks. Take a reading on your water meter before bed. The next morning, take another reading. If you didn’t use any water overnight, the reading should be the same. We can give your house a thorough walk-through to make sure everything from your toilets to your water heater is ready for spring and summer.

Don’t let plumbing issues give you a headache! Call the professionals at City Air Mechanical and ENJOY your spring!

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